Configuration / contexts


Each freckles run happens in a so-called 'context'. A 'context' is a set of configuration values that determine where frecklets and other resources are allowed to come from, which frecklets are available to run, and how the execution of those frecklets happens.

For details about context, please check here


freckles has a fairly large amount of configuration options, esp. if you consider that every adapter can come with their own additional set. Not that there are many adapters yet, but still. freckles comes with an auto-documenting & -validating configuration sub-system (check out the freckles context --help sub-command to get an idea).

For a list of the most important settings, check here


One of the most important setting is the repos configuration option. frecklets as well as resources either come included with the freckles package, one of the packages that contain a freckles connector, or they can be imported into a freckles run from a local folder or a remote git repository.

For more details how repositories work, check here