freckelize: Seafile

This article will show how to setup a Seafile server using freckelize. I found Seafile always hard to install in an automated way. Seafile doesn't offer system packages, and their (manual) setup scripts require user interaction, which makes it tricky to run non-interactively. There are some ways of using those setup scripts without user input, but those are a non-obvious to figure out.

freckelize: Wordpress

Another example on how to use freckelize. This time we will setup a Wordpress instance, both locally and, later, on a public VPS.

For this article, if you want to understand all of the things involved, I'd recommend reading the post about the static-website-adapter.

freckelize: static website

As promised in this post, here is a more in-depth article about how to use freckelize to setup a machine in order for it to serve a static webpage.

Data-centric environment management

January 22nd at 6:00pm

tl;dr: Imagine you get a piece of data, some folder or zip file from a friend. It doesn't matter what it is. Some source code in Python or Java or Cobol. Their dissertation in LaTEX. A backup of a Wordpress instance. A blender project. Research data. Anything, really.

Imagine there is an application you can just point to that folder, and run it, without having to tell that application what that data is. Imagine that run automatically sets up your laptop so that you can instantly work with or use that data. Without you having to do anything else. No installing of applications by hand, no having to hunt for the right versions of those applications, no configuration. No compiling.

That is what this is about.

Writing declarative command-line scripts, using Ansible modules and roles

Ever wanted to just quickly run a few Ansible tasks or apply a role from Ansible Galaxy, without having to manually setup Ansible, or create an inventory, and/or download role(s) from Ansible Galaxy, etc...? Or have you ever wished you could write a re-usable command-line script using Ansible modules and roles? Or, maybe you haven't thought about it before, but now that I mention it...

If, this here blog post is for you.