Purchase private license

Currently the first few private licenses for freckles are available for a discounted introductory price of 72 €, once freckles becomes more mature I'll most likely charege more.

This is not a subscription; this license allows you to use freckles version 1.x.x (as well as its dependency libraries) indefinitely. You have full access to the source code (well, of course you'd have that anyway) and you can do with it whatever you want (except sub-license it). You can run freckles on as many machines as you like (for example in CI pipelines, as long as you are the only one directly or indirectly kicking those off).

In addition to the private license you will get access to a VIP support section of the friends of freckles forum, for your version of freckles. I will prioritize this section when answering questions and providing support. This should not be considered anything like a 'professional' support level. At the moment, anyway.

Please be aware that I'm the only one working on freckles at the moment, and I will take off every now and then. No guaranteed response time or the like. But, of course, I'll do my best to help you sort things out if I can!

If you intend to purchase a license, you should do it either:

  • because freckles is already useful enough for you, in its current state. Make sure to check the status page for what is and is not working at the moment.
  • and/or because you think freckles is a good idea, you want to see it evolve, and encourage its development.

Please note, at the moment freckles code documentation and testing leaves a lot to be desired. This has a few different reasons, but the main one is lack of resources/time on my part. I've re-written freckles several times, to get the overal design and user-interface into a state I am happy with, and it would not have made sense to write tests for the re-writes that were never used. This might strike some as a not very efficient way of working (and they might very well be right), but this is what works best for me. Depending on whether there is any positive feedback, and people committing in some ways to the ideas I try to express with freckles, I'll spend time on documentation and testing. If I can't find an audience for it (which I consider to be a very likley outcome), I might not have the luxury to tidy up those bits. Please consider this before purchasing a private license, you have been warned. As it stands now, I fully intend to keep working on freckles, and get version 1.0 (and beyond) to a state that I'm happy with. The amount of work I put in so far should give you some confidence that this will happen. I hope I will be able to give better assurances in the future, but at the moment there are just too many unknowns for me to feel comfortable to guarantee any specifics.

Licensor details

As this is a personal license, I need your name and email address, to store those license details and to add your email address to the list of users who are allowed to accesss the friends of freckles 'VIP support' category.
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